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Full Name :   Vance Fowler
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Age :   74
State :   Utah
Country :   United States
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Owyhee Safari.
sub-category : Deer Hunting
img 10-03-2010

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Heard the upper reaches of the Owyhee Reservoir in eastern Oregon very primitive so oldest son, Trevin, and I took our only boat, 10 foot ski boat, 800 miles round trip to investigate. Got all gear tied on and we looked like caddis fly larvae. Glass smooth surface on lake. Went maybe 30 miles up and found secluded, hidden cove to make camp on shore. Great time! Crazy wild country. Saw 1 buck before season opened but nothing else. We did see honeycomb caves, drop off cliffs straight down, ragged mountains, wild horses and lots of raccoon tracks. Wind came up. So did waves. Packed it in and quit. Rode the tumult back to truck and trailer. On way home spotted really nasty, rocky canyon next to 500 foot cliffs at place called Namorf (no kidding). Decided to try and 20 minutes later had spike buck to drag out. Golden eagles soaring thermals above. Coyotes nipping and yipping round about. Loaded buck into boat for return trip and glad we didn't get one or two up the Owyhee. We would have sunk 'er in that low slung water skimmer. Dodged deer on the road on the way home but made it and once again filled the jerky jars. Love the memories.
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